There we go! Leading from the front is evidence of YOU taking responsibility for your actions and the success of the company. Use these 3 steps to begin with and allow time to work its magic on your team or staff. Along this journey you will discover other helpful steps to take so feel free to use this article as a foundation and keep building from here.

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Ashton is a consultant based in Singapore serving the Asia Pacific region and whose specialty is in commercialization consulting. If he isn't travelling for work, you can find him on the beautiful beaches in Asia.

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How to lead from the front!

Apr 21, 2016

If I was a betting man I’d wager that the majority of readers here have come across the phrase, "Lead from the front! ", either in your MBA or some seminar or other. For those of you who are in the thick of action and without the luxury of a schedule for lots of seminars, this is for you. This short article serves as a quick takeaway of the look and feel of leading from the front.

At Sequoia Pacific, I have the pleasure of serving clients across the Asia Pacific region and in one of the firm’s services, it assists Small to Medium Business (SMB) owners to head out into the markets. Strong leadership is crucial when heading out to market because when the clients roll in, your processes and protocols will be tested. So, over the years I have discovered the “golden thread” in the weave of business operations that will be the basis for this how-to article.
In avanti e verso l’alto! (Onwards and upwards)
That "golden thread" is a personal standard that SMB owners need to uphold. It is higher than for most individuals because of the direct interactions they have with their staff. Unlike large corporations where the various layers of management are the staff facing element that isolates the C-Suite from the rest of the company, most SMB owners are highly visible and interact heavily with the entire company.
The standard can be best summed up in this quote by Peter F. Drucker.
“ Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility. ”
Simply put it is this paradigm that has to be embraced first. It is easy for you to identify the negatives in your company environment and I have noted the opposite display of this mindset and it is evidenced in the disorganization, resentment, and low morale among staff. Putting the negativity aside, I shall share a few steps on how you can embrace personal responsibility for the better of your team and company.

Step 1: Be clear with your instructions.
Ensure processes are followed by monitoring the completion of a task properly. Implement protocols properly and do not contradict yourself by changing your instructions or being indecisive. Choose your words properly before you speak. This allows you to eliminate emotional responses and it develops the habit to employ logic in your thought processes.

Step 2: Mind your demeanour.
“ You can feel the vibes, feel the people pulling for you. “ Julius Erving.
Your manner and posture to your team and staff is a clear display of your inner feelings and confidence. If you show fear and indecision, your staff will reflect those qualities as well. Lead with confidence! Hide your negativity and deal with them with your mentor or when you're alone. Display positivity and you will reap great results from the attitude change of your team or staff.

Step 3: Build morale in the company.
The fastest way to accomplish this step is to celebrate the wins. Forget the size of the win just celebrate it! Post your win on the company social media platforms and tag your team or staff for a job well done for example. Feed the soul by stuffing the belly. Take your team or staff out for a celebratory meal and in some companies i’ve encountered, a quick getaway, concert tickets or spa packages are arranged for the team or department as a reward.
The lengthier step would be the guiding of your team of staff with encouragement. Do not baby them. Handle mistakes objectively to prevent repeats and avoid emotional responses. Here’s a tip for you managers. Keep a little pocketbook on the performance of your team or department. Note down their mistakes and the follow- up to prevent a repeat and note down their successes as well. Why you ask? 2 words. Performance review. With that notebook you can almost eliminate bias. Handle their mistakes with a mission to guide them and you’ll be surprised how reassuring it makes your team or staff feel.